Job profile


Patent Examiners are highly trained engineers and scientists who search and examine applications for patents. Examiners are highly autonomous with mastery of their technical field.
Through the examination process, Patent Examiners are among the first to see new developments across a wide range of technologies.


  • examine the invention from a technical standpoint
  • search through earlier publications, technical literature and online databases of patent specifications to make sure that the application is new
  • gather information to judge the originality of an invention
  • prepare an initial report and give the results of your search to the applicant or, more usually, a patent attorney, who then decides whether to proceed to the second stage of the application
  • make a final decision as to the novelty of an invention, which is written in a final report
  • discuss and negotiate with the applicant and patent attorney to resolve any matters raised in the final report


Patent offices (e.g. DPMA, EPO etc.)


  • University studies in natural or technical sciences
  • 18 months training in patent examining

Required graduation

Abitur (secondary school 12th / 13th grade)


  • Proficient language skills in German, English and French in writing and speaking
  • 5 years practical skills in a natural or technical science field