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Please use any of the current browsers such as Chrome. This game is mobile compatible. You can simply play on your cellphone!

Have fun, we wish you good luck for the game and a happy holiday time!
Your IP Quiz team

IP Quiz rules

Based on the options you choose, a number of questions with different levels of difficulty will be randomly chosen for you and the game begins!

Each question has three possible answers, but only one is correct. Click on the right answer in less than one minute. The countdown timer starts as soon as you see the question; the quicker you answer, the more points you get. You begin with the easy questions and move on through medium and advanced ones.

After answering a question,   you will see the correct answer marked in green. Click on the “Next” button to move on to the next question.

If you do not click on an answer and the one-minute time limit passed, you will automatically move to the next question. You will skip the explanation screen, as no answer was provided.

Questions cannot be changed or skipped. All information is in English only. No translation is provided.

In the Play section, you can choose the number of questions (five or ten) and the game modes (“Quick round” and “IP expert”). Questions are randomly chosen from our database based on your selected options. If you want to have your score on the leaderboard, then you need to register a username. You can play both modes as many times as you want and save multiple counts.

By completing the quiz, the Participant receives a score which is automatically determined based on the number of correct answers and the time to provide them. The score is calculated at the end of the quiz session, without any influence by Dennemeyer or its employees and the Participant.

Good luck!