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Intellectual property is the area of law that deals with legal rights to creative works and inventions. This concerns the ideas people have like musical, literary, and artistic works, as well as inventions, words, phrases, and designs and the things that people create like innovations, patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and/or trademarks. The purpose of intellectual property law is to allow the people who create and invent things to profit from their work. The rules for claiming exclusive rights to a work and the rules for enforcing those rights vary depending on the type of the creation.

The areas of intellectual property include:

  • Copyright – protects an owner’s right to their own creative work
  • Patent – is the legal right to an invention
  • Trademark – is a design, symbol, lettering or words that represent a company or product
  • Design rights – protect the visual design of objects and items
  • Plant variety right – is the legal right to a new plant
  • Trade secret – is a formula or plan for doing business

Career opportunities in the world of intellectual property are manifold and diverse. There are jobs based on apprenticeships as well as jobs requiring studies in the fields of law, natural science or engineering. Read below job profiles to learn more about the different career opportunities in the world of intellectual property.

IP career success story

Dr. Michaela Elbel, Partner of PATERIS, Patentanwälte, PartmbB with offices in Munich and Berlin:

Dr. Michaela Elbel, Partner of PATERIS, Patentanwälte, PartmbB with offices in Munich and Berlin:

„Our participation in the IP career proved to be a great success. We met Ms. Carine Makendi, PhD there. She recently started in our office as a trainee to become a European Patent Attorney. This means that the event exceeded our expectations. We could talk to highly skilled talents all day long. That is exactly what the IP career is all about: direct personal contact with potential candidates. You get to know each other a lot easier at an event like this compared to the tense atmosphere of a normal job interview. The presentations were also very interesting. A pleasant ambiance in every respect. I highly recommend the IP career. I haven´t heard of any comparable event, especially with focus on IP. “

Carine Makendi, PhD, Doctor of Genetics and Biochemistry, Promotion in Cambridge, UK.

She came all the way from Paris to participate in the IP career 2017. There she met her future employer and started work in April 2018 as a trainee for the well-known patent attorney’s office PATERIS Patentanwälte PartmbB in Munich: „The IP career gave me the opportunity to gain access to the IP industry. It is an excellent opportunity for both employers and employees to meet each other in person. A conversation like this is the perfect way to identify quickly what the other party actually wants. This is something you cannot achieve with a job ad or a webpage. For me, the participation in the event was a total success. I am very happy with my new task. “

Carine Makendi, PhD, Doctor of Genetics and Biochemistry, Promotion in Cambridge, UK.

IP career 2019

IP career - event video

Employment prospects for young talents and professionals in the field of patent, trademark and copyright law are multifaceted and extremely bright.
IP career offers a platform for employers and employees. As the first job event for intellectual property only, IP career makes the IP sector more accessible. The IP career meet-up supports alumni, young talents and professionals in planning their careers. Companies, organizations and educational institutions, as well as temporary employment agencies of various sizes and industries, will present their current vacancies and are available to respond to questions.

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